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  • Development History

    1951year —— Founded

       1962year —— First bellows in China

       1966year —— First Workshop

       1970year —— Applied to first relay satellite

       1972year —— Start argon-arc welding

       1973year —— Success in Ø3400 Large caliber bellows

       1975year —— Large caliber rectangle bellows

       1980year —— Success in multiple layers bellows

       1981year —— Accepted by Ministry of Railways

       1982year —— Success in Maraging steel bellows

       1983year —— Success in Ø2200 diameter hydraulic bellows

       1985year —— Approved by CCS

       1986year —— Develop pressure balanced expansion joint

       1988year —— Start CAD as supportive software

       1989year —— Start to export

       1990year —— A new bellows factory founded

       1992year —— Merged with Nippon Metal Hose

       1993year —— High-tech enterprise

       1995year —— First QMS approved

       1996year —— Success in Muffle series products

       1997year —— Developed and applied to 4200M 3 blast furnace successfully

       1998year —— Accepted by Hudong for the Military

       1999year —— Certified by GL,BV&ABS

       2000year —— Accepted by Chengfei

       2002year —— Success in Hydroelectric system

       2006year —— Success in Ø5400 Large caliber

       2008year —— TS Production licience approval

       2009year —— EMS,OHSAS approved

       2010year —— SanXia project

       2013year —— Built Ø3620 high wave hydraulic bellows to replace imported E-class gas turbine exhaust diffuser bellows

       2017year —— Changshu Yongxin founded.

       2018year —— Completed Large-sized one for Shanghai Boiler

       2019year —— Completed a huge project for BHEL in India

       2020year —— Built Φ2800 special expasion joint for Space simulator

       2021year —— Initiated a five-year Strategy plan

    • Contact
    • Addr. of HQ: No.88,Jinqiu Road,Baoshan District,Shanghai City
    • Addr. of factory: Meili economic & development zone,Changshu City,Jiangsu Province
    • Tel:13901579357(Mr.He)15050307321(Mr.Chen)
      0512-52768580 021-56515330
    • E-mail:13901579357@163.com



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