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    Yongxin Bellows: What is the difference between a globe valve and a butterfly valve?

    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2021-07-02 16:46:56 Hits:122
    Compared with the butterfly valve, the shut-off valve has better adjustment performance, and the butterfly valve has a poorer adjustment performance. It is generally used in occasions that only need to switch. On the other hand, globe valves are more expensive than butterfly valves.

    Globe valve: Compared with gate valve, it has simple structure, convenient manufacture and maintenance, and good adjustment performance. It is widely used in conveying pipelines of various media. However, the direction of the fluid changes when passing through the shut-off valve, so the resistance is relatively large. It is not suitable for pipelines with high viscosity, suspended substances and easily crystallized materials, and also for venting valves and low vacuum system valves. Shut-off valves are widely used in various pressure fluid pipelines, and they are also commonly used in steam and compressed air pipelines. The shut-off valve is a commonly used shut-off valve, which is mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline, and is generally not used to adjust the flow. The globe valve is suitable for a wide range of pressure and temperature, but it is generally used for medium and small diameter pipelines.
    Butterfly valve: Butterfly valve, also called flap valve, is a simple structure regulating valve. Because the butterfly valve is not suitable for tightly matching with the pipe wall, it is only suitable for adjusting the flow rate, and cannot be used to cut off the pipeline. It is often used to adjust the flow rate on the pipeline that transports air and flue gas. The butterfly valve is a valve that uses a circular butterfly plate that rotates with the valve stem as an opening and closing part to realize the opening and closing action. The butterfly valve is mainly used as a cut-off valve, and it can also be designed to have the function of adjustment or cut-off and adjustment. At present, butterfly valves are used more and more on low-pressure large and medium-diameter pipelines.
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