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    Yongxin Bellows: Installation Instructions for Double Flange Power Transmission Joint and Single Flange Power Transmission Joint

    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2021-07-02 16:45:19 Hits:432
    Installation instructions for double-flange power transmission joints and single-flange power transmission joints

    1. When it is convenient for installation and maintenance, it can be adjusted according to the field size, and the axial thrust can be transmitted to the entire pipeline during work.

    2. The double-flange power transmission joint is composed of main components, such as the main body, sealing ring, gland, and telescopic short tube. It is suitable for pipelines where both sides are connected with flanges. During installation, adjust the installation length between the two ends of the product and the flange, and raise funds diagonally to tighten the gland bolts evenly to make it into a whole with a certain displacement, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. When, adjust according to the site size. When working, the reverse axial thrust can be transmitted to the entire pipeline.
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