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    Yongxin bellows: construction method of carbon tube

    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2021-07-02 16:53:13 Hits:279
    1. The choice of carbon pipe diameter
          Choose according to the cable outer diameter, allowable voltage, current and other engineering conditions.
    2. Digging engineering trenches
           According to the regulations of relevant departments and user requirements, the width and depth of the trench shall be determined according to the number of cables to be laid. The distance between the tube and the trench is 50mm, and the distance between the tube and the tube is 30mm.
    3. Laying
         After putting the carbon tube into the trench, the curved part must be potted with cement in order to prevent it from being entangled or squeezed. At the junction of the two protective casing pipes, bricks shall be used and the casing pipe heads shall be fixed with cement.
    4. Connect
         When two carbon tubes need to be connected, first screw the joint to one end to be taken over, then back to the other end to be taken over, and then wrap it with PVC sealing tape.
    5. Backfill
         After laying the carbon pipe as required, backfill it with the original soil during trenching, and ram the backfill soil.
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